The Best Walking Tours in Florence

The cathedral's famous dome rises above the breathtaking skyline of historic Florence, Italy
Posted: 03/27/2024 | March 27, 2024

Florence is one of the most popular cities in Italy. Its stunning Renaissance architecture gives it an iconic look and the abundance of art could keep any traveler busy for weeks. There’s the Galleria de Uffizi, which houses some of the most important Renaissance pieces in the world; Michelangelo David, one of the most famous works in the world; and the towering Dom, a Gothic cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To see it all and learn more about this beautiful destination, I always like to take a walking tour (or three!) while I’m here. I think walking tours are a great way to learn about a place and see some non-touristy sights.

And Florence has many of them! From free introductory tours to in-depth history and food tours, here’s my list of the best walking tours in Florence.

Best overall tour

Go for a stroll

Take Walks is my favorite travel company in Italy. It offers access to places no one else gets and has incredibly knowledgeable tour guides. I always have fun and learn a lot on these tours. I can’t recommend them enough.

Your VIP David & Duomo tour offers exclusive access before or after all other tours, offering a unique skip-the-line experience without the crowds. They also offer a “Best of Florence” tour that covers all of the city’s highlights in three fun and educational hours.

Best free tour

History of a free tour of Florence

This is the best (and most popular) free tour in the city. The main offering is a solid introduction to Florence that lasts two hours and covers all the highlights. It’s a great way to boost your trip if you’re on a budget.

For something more unique, there’s also a free tour that focuses on the darker side of the city, including some of the more sinister myths and legends from the past. Remember to tip your guide at the end!

While these are perhaps the best free and paid tours in the city, Florence has much more to offer. Here are four more insightful and educational tours:

1. Devour food tours

Devour is my favorite food tour company. The offers are always super informative and delicious. In Florence, Devour runs a few different ones, so there is something for everyone.

If you love wine like me, the Oltrarno at Sunset tour is the best choice for you. The evening tour lasts more than three hours and includes stops at five family-run businesses where you can sample aperitivi, dinner (including a sample of the famous Florentine steak), and desserts.

Devour also offers a 3.5-hour “Flavors and Traditions” tour, which includes a visit to the Sant’Ambrogio market as well as wine, espresso and some unforgettable dishes. On both tours you’ll end up feeling full and learning a lot.

Tours start at 79 EUR.

Book here!

2. Italy Pass Tours

If you want to learn more about the Duomo, the massive cathedral that rises from the picturesque skyline, Italy Pass Tours offers an excellent short tour that serves as the perfect introduction. You’ll get priority entry and tour the beautiful cathedral while learning about its history and its ties to the famous Medici family, which helped put Florence on the map. It’s an educational, affordable tour that goes into more detail than the standard free tour without being too long or overly academic.

Tours start at 13 EUR.

Book here!

3. Tours and tours

If you want to explore the home of some of the world’s best Renaissance art, Tours and Tours offers a 90-minute skip-the-line tour of the Uffizi Gallery. You can marvel at world-famous works by masters like Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci while avoiding the huge queues. They also offer a short but insightful skip-the-line tour of Brunelleschi’s Dome. It is a masterpiece of engineering and offers breathtaking views over the city.

Tours start at 41 EUR.

Book here!

4. Global experiences

If you want to get off the beaten path and experience the dark side of Florence, Global Experiences offers a three-hour pub crawl/ghost tour that takes you around the city, showing you the sights as you hop between cool bars. It also highlights some of the more scandalous stories from the past, as well as darker and more mysterious stories. Overall, it’s a fun tour to take after a day full of highlights.

The company also offers a more traditional culinary tour where you can try traditional Florentine steak, Tuscan meatballs, almond biscotti, gelato and more!

Tours start at 60 EUR.

Book here!


Florence is one of the most popular cities in Europe. It’s a beautiful, energetic place bursting at the seams with amazing museums and galleries, UNESCO-worthy sights and tons of history. If you take one of the above-mentioned walking tours, you are sure to have a fun, informative and authentic visit to this Italian metropolis.

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