Tell Her She Can’t With Kelly Lewis

I’m so excited to have my friend Kelly Lewis on the podcast this week. She is someone I greatly admire in the travel industry, especially for how she supports and empowers women.

In this episode, we share how she does this through her various female-focused travel companies, how her own travel story and life have been a driving force for this, and her empowering new book, Tell Her She Can’t!

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Listen to the podcast:

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Show Notes: About Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis is a women’s travel industry expert and leader in women’s empowerment.

Her greatest passion is helping women unlock their personal power through traveling the world.

She is the founder of Go! Girl Guides, the world’s premier travel guide series for women, and founder of the annual Women’s Travel Fest conference.

In 2016, she co-founded boutique travel company Damesly, which has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Travel + Leisure and National Geographic.

She is the author of several travel guides. Tell Her She Can’t is her debut memoir/inspirational nonfiction book. Tell her she can’t tells stories of women who refused to believe that they tilt, especially if you say it differently. They can, they have…and you can too.

We are discussing:

  • Kelly’s background in travel – how it evolved and why it’s important to her. (including her Moana moment)
  • Your experiences traveling and living around the world.
  • The crucial moments that told her she could do it!
  • The power of other people and the influence they have on your life shows you that you can do it!
  • The empowering lessons that travel teaches you and why you don’t plan (or can’t really plan).
  • The power to get messy and just do it. Send the email. Buy the ticket. Write the book.
  • How to take responsibility when you want to create so many things.
  • The Women’s Travel Fest – its purpose to empower women to travel and what will happen next.
  • How COVID has affected the psychology of long-term travelers.
  • How COVID can positively impact travel in the future – a return to more conscious and purposeful travel that connects communities and gives back to the interdependent system in which we all live.
  • It is the pause that helps us absorb things so we can move on to the next cycle: creation
  • The background of the book Tell Her She Can’t and the over 100 inspiring stories within it, including Kelly’s own story of pain that was healed through the creation of this book
  • Kelly discovered some of the similarities when she interviewed all of these women for the book
  • Is implementation more about following the light and your intuition or using an XYZ strategy?
  • The power to ask yourself the question:What if” or “Wouldn’t it be cool if?
  • How vulnerability helps others know they can get through it

Get out of the box you think you have to be in and act where it works best for you.

Kelly Lewis

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